Using Xanax during pregnancy

Surely, you’ve paid attention to the fact that drugs from the group of anti-anxiety are quite dangerous with regard to side effects but this is due to their powerful effect on the body. If there were no side effects, Xanax would have enjoyed frenzied popularity in short term. Still, it is rightfully considered one of the best in its group, along with Ativan and other drugs.

Taking the drug

Is it possible to take this medicine to pregnant women and what to do if the pregnancy occurred while taking the drug? First of all, remember that the use of Xanax, despite its availability in pharmacies, is not recommended for pregnant women, except for situations when its use is necessary. Only a doctor can determine with absolute accuracy how much Xanax you use can to do less harm than good, and vice versa.Using Xanax during pregnancy

If pregnancy occurs during the period of active treatment with Xanax, immediately stop taking the pills and see a doctor. If this is not possible, just stop taking the drug. Try to protect yourself during treatment, regularly check the presence of pregnancy with accurate tests: the less impact there is on the child the better.

The danger

Why is it so dangerous? It has been scientifically proven that the effect of Alprazolam, the main component of Xanax, is toxic on the fetus. It can increase the risk of the appearance of defects in the internal organs of the child if the mother will take the medicine at the beginning of pregnancy. The particularly pronounced effect is carried out in the 1 trimester of the entire gestation period. If you continue to take Xanax for all 9 months or most of the time, a child can be born with drug dependence. This means that the baby will have to go through the cleansing of the body, this is a very difficult period and it is extremely dangerous for the newborn. Also, the drug is able to influence the nervous system because of its powerful relaxing properties. Even in the case of emergency, if the birth should occur in the near future, Xanax is not recommended, as the use before the birth can cause a lot of negative effects, including problems with muscle tone, body temperature and negative impact on reflexes.

At the time when a woman is breastfeeding, the drug can get into breast milk: try to exclude the ingestion of such milk into the baby’s body to avoid the occurrence of drowsiness and other consequences.

Carefully ensure that the drug is stored in a place inaccessible to the child: taking Xanax by a minor patient can lead to bad consequences. Please note: pregnant women, infants, and children under 6 years are not allowed to take the drug, but children over 6 years can use Xanax for treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Take care of your child’s health; do not use drugs that can harm it!

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